our honest approach.

Small enough to care, powerful enough to deliver.
We take Salesforce Consultancy & Development to the next level.
Human based

While others focus just on numbers, we take your business in a different way. We commit ourselves not only to work hard and responsibly, but to build long lasting relationships. That makes the journey much more pleasant and enjoyable.

We work for and with people, and we never forget it.  We have always preferred to keep the family tiny and nice, and we would like you to get to know us.

the shortest path

Hold hands of a Salesforce Consulting Partner.  

We will show you the right way to approach the Salesforce Platform and get the most out of it.  Whether we are integrating, customizing or writing code, we’ll do our best to give you the best solution available.

core values

Our identity resides on what we believe makes a huge difference. The values that shape human beings.


Convinced that this is the foundation of any good human relationship. Our main approach is being honest and let you know the very deep of ourselves. The more transparent we are, the more you can place your trust in us.


We simply treat people the way we want to be treated. We love what we do, but it feels much more satisfying to give a helping hand to others and to make friends while doing it.


We are probably more curious than talented. That is why we create original stuff and we look for better ways to get things done. No matter if it is a big challenge, it can always be improved.


We met Salesforce a long time ago, and since then we have passionately shared our expertise to help companies grow and not only to reach the cloud, but to stay on it.

Through this approach, Zimmic assisted well known companies such as Shea Homes, Stanford University and Pernod Ricard,  among many others. 

We simply share one passion. Helping companies thrive in an increasingly competitive market. And we work really hard to achieve that.

Our work

We handcraft user-centered products, with relentless attention to detail and a human touch. Our enterprise applications, built on the force.com platform, transform both customer and employees experiences.